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Thanka is a Nepali form of art exported to Tibet by Princess Bhrikuti ( Harit Tara  - daughter of Anshuvarma) of Nepal (7th Century), who married Sron Tsan Gampo, the then ruler of Tibet. The word "Thanka" is believed to have come from the Tibetan word "thang yig" meaning a written record. Originally, thanka paintings became popular among travellers and monks as a teaching tool to illustrate life history of Gautam Buddha, lamas, other god / goddess and bodhisattvas. One of the most popular subjects seen in thankas is “The wheel of life”, which is the visual representation of Abhidharma teachings or the art of enlightenment. These religious paintings offer a beautiful expression of both being visually and mentally inspiring.

There are different kinds of thanka employing various canvases. However, most are painted on cloth or paper. The white cloth is first mounted on a frame and water-based colloid chalk is applied to the surface. It is polished with talc when dried. The canvas is thus ready for painting.

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