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Popular products produced in Nepal

Wood Carving

The high quality of the Nepal’s wood carving craftsmanship is reflected in many pieces, including windows, doors, chests and figures of gods. Since the Middle Ages, woodcarving has been a major part of Nepalese craft, as evident from artistic woodwork in old temples, palaces and houses in and around Kathmandu valley. This art form saw resurgence in the 1960′s, as tourists visiting Nepal bought woodcarvings.

Bamboo Craft

Bamboo is one of the most commonly used construction materials in Nepal, found in everything from buildings and bridges to baskets and beds. Now, it’s also being used for more artistic and decorative purposes, with craftsmen and women producing a range of bamboo home wares and gifts.

Bamboo grows prolifically across eastern, central and western Nepal. While the larger varieties, which are used mainly for construction, are found in the plains and hill regions, the small-statured bamboos, which are used for weaving and finer handicrafts, grow higher in the mountains. The production of bamboo handicrafts is therefore an important industry in the more remote, hilly regions and provides good income and employment opportunities.

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