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Popular products produced in Nepal

Pashmina products

The main source of Pashmina products is the wool of Mountain goat - Capra Hircus, locally known as Chyangra. Pashmina products are handmade and known to be luxurious not only in quality but also in price. There are various stages that need to be conquered in order to acquire the final product.

  1. 1. The first step to make Pashmina products is to collect wool.

With the coming of summer, the Mountain goats shed their warm winter coats. Their fine soft inner coat is called pashmina. One woven pashmina shawl requires wool from about three goats. Each fibre is about one sixth the width of a human hair and due to it being very delicate; it has to be spun and woven by hand.

  1. 2. Yarn spinning is the second step for making Pashmina products.

Yarn spinning is done by hand with the help of spinning wheel, known as Charkha. The task is extremely painstaking and time-consuming. It requires immense patience, dexterity and dedication of experienced weavers.

  1. 3. Fringe and design is the next step for the making of Pashmina products.

The making of the distinctive pashmina fringe and design is perhaps one of the most interesting stages of making pashmina products; like shawl, hat, poncho, scarf, sweater and blanket.

  1. 4. The final stage is dyeing.
Dyers with immense patience and generations of experience are the one who dye the pashmina products, as even the smallest negligence reflects on the quality of the product. Dyeing is done by hand and only natural dyes are used, making the products completely eco-friendly.

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